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Marriage Astrology

  1. Timing of marriage
    1. Saturn, during transit, should create a relation with 7th house or 7th lord from Lagna, Moon or ‘kalatra’ significator Venus (for men) and Jupiter (for women).
    2. Examine whether Jupiter also creates a relation by way of conjunction or aspect. Check also, if Jupiter during transit creates relation with 7th house or 7th lord from Moon or significator Venus (and Jupiter) or lords of their stars 
  2.  Delay in marriage
    1. When Sun, Rahu and Saturn aspect the 7th lord or occupy the 7th house from Ascendant/Moon it indicates considerable delay.
    2. When Venus, Moon and Saturn are in 7th house marriage can be delayed upto the age of 30 to 35 years  
  3.  Spouse
    1. Marriage to a person in far off place is indicated when Moon is in 7th house and malefics occupy 5th and 9th houses from Moon marriage.
    2. Early marriage to a partner living nearby can be predicted when Venus occupies 7th house and aspects its own dispositor.
    3. If the Sun and Venus are in 5th, 7th or 9th house, there can be weakness to the limbs of the spouse. 
  4.  Matching of horoscopes
    1. Matching of Guna/Kuta can be done considering the birth star of boy and girl.
      1. If the maximum number of gunas is 36 and a minimum 18, the match is approved as Guna/Kuta compatible.
    2. A happy married life is indicated if
      1. The Sun of the girl’s chart and the Moon of the boy’s chart are 120 deg apart
      2. The Sun of the girl and Moon of the boy interchange their houses and
      3. The Sun of the girl and Moon of the male aspect each other.
    3. The match is approved if Samasaptama is present
      1. Ascendant/Moon/Navamsa of the girl is 7th to the Ascendant of the boy.
    4. The running Dasa of the boy and the girl should be mutually friendly
    5. There should be no Dasa Sandhi at the time of marriage. 
  5.  Love Marriage
    1. Successful,
      1. If the 5th house and 5th lord , 7th lord , Venus and Jupiter in both the charts are strong.
      2. If 7th lord , 5th lord and Venus are strong with benefic aspect/s and related to each other
    2. Unsuccessful
      1. If Venus is in 7th in the natal chart and Navamsa.
      2. If Venus , Mars and Saturn in 7th or Saturn in 2nd house. 
  6.  Marital Separation/Discord/Divorce
    1. Separation is indicated if Mars and Saturn relate to the 7th lord or Venus.
    2. Discord is indicated
      1. if Mars, Saturn and Venus are together in 8th house.
      2. If Mars and Saturn are in ascendant
    3. If Venus is in an angle opposite Mars and Jupiter, divorce is indicated 
  7.  Second Marriage if
    1. Moon and Venus join together and are strong.
    2. 7th lord’s Navamsa is debilitated, combust or in enemy’s house.
    3. Venus in 2,5,8,11 sign with Ketu or aspect of Ketu
    4. Moon and Saturn in 7th house. 
  8.  No Marriage if
    1. Ascendant lord and 7th lord are in 2/12 position.
    2. Ascendant lord and 7th lord in 6/8 position.
    3. 7th lord and Sun in 1, 4 ,7 and 10 signs 

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