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Childless (Santan Prapti) Problem Solution

Why look at a child’s astrological profile? This valuable information can provide the parents of small children and newborns with an important tool to understand their child’s emotions, their preferences in many areas, where conflicts could arise and even what kind of relationship the child will have with the parents or siblings. Children have their whole life ahead of them with very little baggage to start out with. Astrology can give a small child or a newborn a head start above the rest.
  • The health of the new Born
  • The general Luck of the Father/mother or the New Born
  • The Life of the Grand Parents
  • In case of Girls – The life of Husband hurdles in marriage
  • Detailed analysis of Couple’s horoscopes for
  • What is the strength of the horoscope on childbirth front?
  • Willchildren be born or not? How many Children? When is Child Birth ?
  • What is the major problem in childbirth?
  • How can this problem be removed?Auspicious time for child Birth if

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