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Manglik Dosha Remedies

The planet Mars has a major say in having a comfortable married life or not. Mars is called “Mangal” or “Kuja” in India in Hindi language. It is known to kill, separate or cause havoc in life. A favorable posited Mars is essential for Married life. The most dreaded concept of “Manglik” is known for conferring the results of early death of spouse or inharmonious relationship with the spouse.The most significant problem is that, a person with a Kuja Dosha will not feel much physical attraction to another with Kuja Dosha.

A girl having a ‘Mangalik dosha’ or ‘Vishakanya Yoga’ present in her horoscope has a threat of becoming a widow. A ‘kumbha-Vivaha’ is a must for such a girl.People of both sexes can be Manglik. If a boy having Mangal dosha is married to a girl having Mangal dosha then the malefic affects are nullified leading to prosperity and a happy married life.

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